Master Distillers

Propelling your theories into action


Ian MilleR wanted to be a university professor when he grew up, so that’s what he did. After stints at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Portland State University, he spent seven years on faculty at Cornell University’s international campus in Doha—first as Lecturer of Writing, then Assistant Professor of English. Awarded Excellence in Teaching at Cornell three times over, his students partied with Plato, Lacan, and Vonnegut. Ian’s creative work has been widely published and further recognized with fellowships, artist residencies, and scholarships. Fan of all foundational myths, he remains most interested in the unknowable and the unnamed.


For nearly ten years, Jason Larson taught writing and literature in a variety settings, from flagship universities to correctional institutions. Interested in the interplay between subject matter expertise and content strategy, Jason has also managed content for exclusive conferences around the country. In his role as content manager, Jason has partnered with F1000 c-suite executives, sports owners, and high-caliber thought leaders to share best practice insights with their peers. His fiction has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and he sides with Lynne Truss, who attributes the modern question mark to “a lightning flash, striking from right to left.”  


Creative Alliance

With force, beauty, and Grace


Softbox Films

2D, 3D, Hybrid, Live Action—Softbox Films is a full-service production company dedicated to grassroots organizations and good ideas.

The Beauty Shop

Specializing in CMS platform design and customization, The Beauty Shop creates thoughtful design at the intersection of beauty and clarity.  

Elena Cronin

Influenced by Scandinavian and Nordic design, Elena Cronin brings her fine-art background to typography, hand-lettering, and illustration.