Census 20/20

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The 2020 Census is at a serious crossroads.


We heard the words, but we didn't really understand them.


The passion that Professor Jason Jurjevich brought to the census was so intoxicating we almost didn't ask.


Why does the census matter?


Jason looked at us and said:

If you aren't counted, you don't count.


That blew our minds. 


So did the human story that Jason weaved through the survey itself. A complex American narrative plagued by invisibility and misrepresentation.

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Thank you,  racebox.org .

Thank you, racebox.org.


The math is simple. The counting is hard.

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Riverside County, CA

Hot red = 0-60% mail return rate in 2010. People in urban areas, like Palm Springs, are counted. People in rural areas, not so much.


Thank you, HTC 2020.


Today's challenge, tomorrow's problem.


There's a historic lack of federal support for the 2020 Census.


This support is critical in counting the people of Riverside County (and many others).  


This means the data that will define the next 10 years of our lives could be deeply flawed. 


See, the census provides the United States with its most reliable data set. (We didn't know that either.)


We use census data for pretty much everything. Funding schools. Building hospitals. Investing in businesses. Congressional redistricting. Big important stuff. 


The country needs to get the census right. And right now, that's an open question.


Census 20/20 is a comprehensive digital campaign. Its purpose is simple.


Elevate the visibility of the issue (see above).


Clarify its importance to the public.


Create action through engagement.


Oh, and look beautiful while doing it. 

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